LIFE is about love, passion and emotion. MOBILITY is a basic need, a part of human nature. I am interested in the intersection of these two fields. This is my approach to photography, visual arts and film making. When I leave the house and step into the street, cars are the first thing that catch my attention. They’re omnipresent, thoroughly designed objects and a big part of everyday life. I am deeply interested in their progress and development and am curious to see the future of mobility. I like to ride and roam and I love to discover and I am always looking for a visual narrative.
When I work with car companies, I want to capture emotion, so I love to highlight the human component… to resonate with the customer. Depending on the project, it helps to keep the team and EQ compact to be more flexible and spontaneous.
By using the latest camera technology I am able to offer high resolution images for print, a broad variety of social media content or even a TV commercial, meeting all the requirements that are needed for a cross media campaign in one package.
This approach is frequently sought after by clients, and over the last 10 years I worked for clients including AOK, BMW, BMW Motorrad, Deutsche Post, Mazda, Olympus, Rodenstock, R+V, RWE, SEAT, Telekom, Toyota, Tui, Volkswagen and also editorials such as ELLE city guide, Mercedes Me Magazin and Intersection Magazin.
I create visuals that display - LIFE AND MOBILITY -
Rene Neumann
M +49 173 388 60 66